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Thread: I'm recruiting

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    I'm recruiting

    I don't require any chat or really anything at all .Be active when you can and donate what you can. Battle when you want when you can. I'll make everyone an Officer. My defense leader current defense is 1,402,520,761 if you are stronger than that I'll make you the defense leader. Can't promise any great finishes in events however I usually do good enough by myself to get a reward so with more people should finish better .

    Syndicate Base: Level 4

    Melee Defense: Maxed
    Defense Building Defense: Maxed
    Guild Increase 1: Maxed
    Gun Defense: 8/10
    Respect Increase: 4/10
    Car Defense 4/10
    Guild Increase 2: 3/5
    Armor Defense: 1/10
    Building Output: Maxed
    Explosives Defense: 0/10
    Job Payout: 2/10
    Guild Increase 3: 0/5
    Armor Attack: 2/10
    Melee Attack: 3/10
    Hideout Health: 1/10
    Guild Increase 4: 0/5
    Explosive Attack: 2/10
    Hideout Damage: 2/10
    Car Attack: 1/10
    Gun Attack: 1/10
    Influence Increase 0/10

    So still have quite a few to get but I'm working on upgrading all the time.

    If your interested 745676629

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    I'm still looking for new members .Currently base stage 6 and defense leader is 7,569,088,103.

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