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    Quest problems (Android)


    I have been gone a long time (I played the first couple years, til just after they intro'ed the '6' star armors).
    I am back now, full time again.
    I need to know a lot of things, since a lot was introduced. But I can probably create another thread for that.

    For now, I need to know how to get into arena and create/catch a pet.

    I have 2 accounts, on the same gmail account (I know, they dont officially support this).
    I can do the arena and create a pet fine on the 1 account, but the other account is grayed out for ALL quests (SMS, Pet, Arena, Epic boss Battles).

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get these active, so I can get a pet, and fight in the arena.

    I have tried:
    Uninstalling the account that works, and turning off the device, then rebooting the one that doesnt work, and it still wont work.

    Any suggestions?
    Anyone else go through this?

    Maxed Epic armors = Too many to list. (26 on one character, about 16-18 on other character)

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    if you have an account with functions disabled that usually means GREE has retroactively shut down some of your functions due to suspected cheating/hacking/glitching It's probably best to contact support and figure things out.

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    I havent played in a year, had the game uninstalled on both phone and tablet.
    So, I couldnt have been cheating, lol.
    I will give them a shot at support though, thanks.

    Last time I contacted them about having 2 accounts on the same email, they said its not supported, so....
    Tghats why I was asking here.
    Maxed Epic armors = Too many to list. (26 on one character, about 16-18 on other character)

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