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Thread: NEW Hardcore Boss Event 3/21

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    NEW Hardcore Boss Event 3/21


    Operational Dates:
    March 21 03:00PM PST - March 25 02:00PM PST

    Operational Details:
    A new Boss approaches: Ulrich the Shadow! This isn’t just any boss, however. This enemy is Hardcore!

    Hardcore Boss is simply an upgrade to the existing Epic Boss event. It is not meant as a replacement, rather a variation with additional, competitive challenges.

    “So what do I need to know about ‘Hardcore’ Boss?”

    The Squad:
    • Your Squad is a collection of your most powerful units used to fight against a Hardcore Boss.
    • Only these top units will be used to fight the Hardcore Boss and damage is calculated from their combined Attack Power.
    • Bonuses will not be applied to your Squad damage.
    • Squad limit may vary between events but can be calculated as (Allowed Allies * 6).
    • Example: Allies = 10; Max Squad Units = 60

    Damage Points:
    • Damage Points act as your daily score and can be earned by defeating a Hardcore Boss.
    • The more damage you do, the more points you receive.
    • An undefeated Hardcore Boss will result in no Damage Points rewarded.

    Daily Leaderboards:
    • Compete against four other Commanders daily in a race to defeat the most bosses and earn the most Damage Points.
    • Each day you are matched against players with similar total Daily Points.
    • At 11:00 PM PDT the matchmaker will calculate the daily results, issue Daily Points and prizes, and create a new match for the following day, beginning at 12:00 AM PDT.

    Event Leaderboard:
    • A single Leaderboard presides over the entire event and contains the most powerful rewards.
    • Daily Points are totalled for the event and determine a player’s final leaderboard rank.

    Milestone Goals:
    • Each Hardcore Boss defeated yields a reward. The more bosses you defeat, the more rewards you receive.
    • This reflects previously existing Epic Boss missions.

    Squad Supplies:
    • Squad Supplies are needed to attack a Hardcore Boss.
    • Attacked by Hardcore Boss uses 1 Squad Supply.
    • Squad Supplies will replenish every 60 seconds, or you can fully recover immediately using gold for a Supply Drop.

    With the new Hardcore Boss update comes 3 special units in the store! These units are extremely powerful and useful against HCBs. Watch out, though. The number you may own can’t exceed your Squad limit and can be destroyed!

    Alpha Units:
    • [AIR] Alpha Strike Viper: ATK: 820,566,238; DEF: 547,044,158; COST: $200,000,000
    • [GROUND]Alpha Heavy Armor: ATK: 164,113,247; DEF: 109,408,832; COST: $21,052,600
    • [INFANTRY]Alpha Assault Soldier: ATK: 32,822,650; DEF: 21,881,766; COST: $2,484,500
    • Please note that the Alpha units are destructible and are not affected by “Casualty Rate” bonuses. They are also not necessary to complete the event, but add power to those who are struggling to defeat a Boss.

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