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    Dragan stars family

    DS is a family of three guilds with ties to several alliances and our extended family which is the ARA family. We're organised friendly and active and we want you. Our highest was a top 10 push on iOS a while ago which was very successful and with the help of our alliance we can organise pushes for all members if you have the gems. Our guilds include the main guild DS and our two equal sub guilds DS Phoenix rising and DS psykotica which are all maxed bonuses and level and have space for all friendly and social players who want to join. We accept all levels and all members can achieve and move up in the family if they show good qualities. However LINE is a requirement Ecuador we organise everything we do on there as well as officer chats and war room chats. LINE is a free chat app you can download from the App Store and once you are setup you can message me my ID is simply ojones and after a small interview/introduction you will be accepted into the DS. DS psykotica is currently closed ecsuse of some reorganising we are doing however DS and DS PR are both top 250/500 guilds and DS PR did a top 25 run around the 10th of March. Our players got a DF armour with the help of our extended family. iOS is our main focus as we have less influence on android however we still have a nice guild for android which is coming along nicely and will continue to grow and be more active.

    So don't waste any time add me my ID is ojones on LINE or post a comment so we can answer any questions you might have. Can't wait to have you all on board. DS is also actively seeking mergers for all guilds who want to join into us so we can collectively kick some ass. Look at the pictures for confirmation about the guilds or if you want any other information.
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