Because my League Of War app kept freezing, I had to uninstall and then reinstall in order to clear the Cache. As a result I suffered a catastrophic rollback, taking my Account back to where it had been about a month earlier. Everything bought or won over that entire period was lost - two billion Game Dollars, numerous Trainers, numerous Energy Refills and Morale Refills, and numerous Military Units, including one Epic and four UltraRares.

As if it were not bad enough that such a thing could possibly happen, my Ticket to Gree (#2793912), requesting help, has been completely ignored.

Until this issue is satisfactorily resolved I have no alternative but to halt all spending on the game.

I don't think Gree realise what damage they are doing to their reputation within the gaming community. Many other players have had similar experiences to my own. Short-term thinking is gradually destroying what could have been a great game.