We are a very relaxed and non-demanding syndicate, actually more like a community, looking for players who just enjoy playing Crime City. We use GroupMe to communicate and have our own Facebook page, both are NOT mandatory. We also use the in-game syndicate forum for messaging. Our invite code is: 149597775

We are a consistent top 350 syndicate. Of our 45 current members 40 were active last event.

We have almost all bonuses, right now 166 bonuses. We offer:
Double PvP Loot Chance +3%
Building Output: +55%
Job Payout: +50%
Melee Defense: +50%
Melee Attack: +50%
Building Defense: +50%
Respect Increase: +50%
Car Defense: +50%
Car Attack: +15%
Gun Defense: +50%
Gun Attack: +15%
Armor Defense: +50%
Armor Attack: +50%
Explosive Defense: +50%
Explosive Attack: +20%
Hideout Health: +45%
Hideout Damage: +20%
Influence Increase: +15%

Additional bonuses due to stage 2 Syndicate Base