these matchups are a joke


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Thread: these matchups are a joke

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    these matchups are a joke

    My syndicate is generally top 150 - top 250. I understand this is not anything groundbreaking, since I quit playing gold and got rid of chat apps this seems to be the general rankings that I can get accustom to. That's fine.

    However all this battle weekend during Street assault we are drawing teams that are consistently top 50 and literally 40% of the time ranked top 15. How are the match ups fair and balanced? We are currently ranked 375. Not being able to win anything for close the last 24 hours is devastating our standings. It doesn't seem like luck of the draw but it does seem like the top teams are being favored with lame duck opposition
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    Oh the matchups are terrible. My T250 matches T50's every other battle, it's insane. We have the same tag as our T50 family syn and we thought that was why.. but that shouldn't be the case regardless
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    It's not so much the top teams being favored with lame duck opposition as it is Gree telling the lame ducks to buy gold.

    They can't physically force you, but this whole game, for more than 4 years, has been an exercise in mental manipulation. "Bad match ups" is just another one of Gree's tools designed to extract money from people too ignorant to notice they are being played.

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    I wanna know when is next gold sale.

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    Buy more gold

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    You can pick and choose your battles in street assaults. Who cares? If GREE was trying to screw you over, the first thing they'd do is make the sweep goals consecutive instead of giving you three days to find 9 fights where the other two teams are laying down for you.
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    5 replies and this thread isn't locked yet.

    Are the mods asleep?

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