Why choose Jungle Cats:

We belong to the RIP alliance and we are part of a 11 guild family .
We always have push and chill guilds for events.
We are a proven guild and have had great success.
We have leaders on around the clock to help our players.
All leaders are friendly and helpful.
We are a fun guild and others like to push with us because of it.

What we require:

We accept all levels- anyone lower than 100 goes to our sub guild Jungle Beast , until they are leveled.
You MUST have line app ( we do not accept with out line app )
Must be a loyal and active player.
We do not accept DF hunters. ( Basically wanting to join just for an event for a DF) we have alliance that fills our open spots.
You do have to prove yourself in events, we do not put you in a T10 without be proven.
Must be willing to go through interview and provide proof of level and armors. (like previously said , we accept all levels)

All interested please PM on line app: dddeanna70 or Hawkril (you must use lowercase only on dddeanna70 and a capital H and rest lowercase on Hawkril)