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    Game failed to update and sync data so now I lost valuable units -__-

    So more than a year ago I had an account and I actually paid with money for some stuff. I could not get my account back so I made a knew one which is getting more powerful. I had to restore my iPhone today so I backed up the data (and made sure that anything I could select for data to be save would be saved). I loaded my backup and then downloaded the game and tried to start it up and it began updating my game... with older units from 1-2 days ago. This concerns me the most because I spent like 30 dollars or so on gold so I could get the gold chests. For the first time ever I got a unit that I could promote with another so I was super happy... Now apparently I lost all the units I got from today and I got some really nice ones that I really needed... Apparently the game is so badly synced I can still buy the 4.99 first time deal even though I bought some more after that... I want to know if my profile (PRINCEALYASEEN) could be resynced to the newly dated one. I lost very valuable units that meant a lot to me being successful. They helped me get out of trouble with not being able to slay some bosses and finishing missions. The game is not even playable right now because of how stuck I am and unless I strategically put in some hours of effort I can't do much (and im not going to). How can I get my new units back?

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    have you considered making a new account

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