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    Crate: November

    Special: November Crates are now available!

    Check the store for the new MiliCorp Crates featuring units with bonuses to Triple Strike, Double Strike and MORE!

    Please note: This month's crate is jam packed with items. The in game UI will only show three items from each category but there are a total of 25 different items available in this crate!


    • 1x Double Strike Token
    • MiliCorp King Crab
    • MiliCorp Marksmen-ii
    • MiliCorp Major
    • MiliCorp Hammer Head
    • MiliCorp Sun-Master
    • MiliCorp Goblin
    • MiliCorp War Priest
    • 1x Health
    • 1x Frontline Main Carrier


    • MiliCorp Guerilla
    • MiliCorp Red Witch
    • MiliCorp Aquila
    • MiliCorp Fury
    • MiliCorp Despolier
    • MiliCorp Copperfin
    • MiliCorp Sun Hydra
    • MiliCorp Warpig
    • MiliCorp Albatross
    • MiliCorp Sun-Spur


    • MiliCorp Gull-Bringer
    • MiliCorp Sky-Monarch
    • MiliCorp Longsword
    • MiliCorp Centipede
    • MiliCorp Warrior
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