Are you stupid or what?


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Thread: Are you stupid or what?

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    Are you stupid or what?

    Wtf gree are you stupid?

    Its possible that your ****ing individual frontline are not working from months????

    We score points and your goals would not advance, this is the third consecutive events it happen!!

    Your chstomer support is full of incompetent.

    Say good bye to my 100$ per months

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    You think that's the only thing? My game hung, log back in to find one of my level 20 boost building missing. Send a message to Gree Support, after one week, they send me a message, apologising to me for their delay reply and ask me if everything is alright. I meant, hello! My level 20 boost building is still missing.

    Stupidity at its finest at Gree HQ.

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    It is your problems, guys!

    Your problems do not matter to gree

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    I think we can eliminate "or what".
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