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Thread: I Quit!

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    I Quit!

    I finally quit the game after playing for over 3 years.... It's awesome so I wanted to tell y'all lol. Oh clash of clans, boom beach, great games no money needed to have fun. Best part no Gree!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Fish View Post
    You really provide a quantity gaming experience.

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    Congrats......can I have ur account ?? LoL

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    No you didn't.
    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...
    Still mad at Bostick.

    I'll be back when the moderation is reasonable. Enjoy the forum you created, Gree.

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    No one likes a quitter!

    Quote Originally Posted by HavingFun View Post
    Buy more gold

    Quote Originally Posted by bdub View Post
    no need for drama unless it is top 10 drama
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMI View Post
    No one likes a quitter!

    Unless you plan on returning... ��
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