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    Killing The Game

    You spend hours, days, of time and effort to earn yourself some Gold Keys. But when you redeem them, you end up with nothing of any value. No reward, nothing to show for what you put in.

    And it's not just me. Time and again I hear this complaint from other players. Some express anger towards Gree. Some declare hatred of the game. It is driving people away.

    Time, effort and achievement need to be properly rewarded. Just giving us a ticket in a rigged lottery is not good enough.

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    I wish they would just require less effort to finish events. They are really long and you need to devote your life to finish an event and you have to pretty much finish events to get anywhere. This isn't like a 1st or 3rd person action game that you play for hours straight this is my sitting around with nothing to do for a few minutes so I want to quickly do something to fill my time so I'll hop on this game and use my energy up. If you casually play you don't get anywhere but then if you devote your life to it you only get slightly further so there needs to be either better rewards for your efforts or make it so you have to put in less effort to get the current rewards.

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