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Thread: If no one loses does anyone win?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jg48 View Post
    I'm afraid the game is dying.
    Ever since i started playing this game beginning of year, been reading same - game is dying... Okay, if you read all forum, search by that - is been dying for past 4 years now... All games die. Eventually. White it's still fun concept no matter how fast they want to kill it - players still play and spenders still spend and whiners still crybaby... :P

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    Actually looking at the bigger picture, 'If no one plays, does everybody win?'
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    I presume Frontline is back, because once again, I cannot log into game on IOS or Android. On IOS I can't connect while Android has Null Server Response. Couldn't take part in previous Frontline and yet a minute after it ended, I was able to get into games.

    Is faction being punished for some reason because it doesn't make sense otherwise. Usually finish in top 2000 so hardly bother the winners and sometimes get 9/9 but not always.

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