[How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus? Read This First!


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Thread: [How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus? Read This First!

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    Exclamation [How To] Upgrading to the iPhone 6s or 6s plus? Read This First!

    Hello Gamers!

    As we know that some of you will soon be holding brand new, shiny 6s and 6s+ iPhones, we'd like to share some information with you in preparation for transferring your accounts! We have a number of guidelines to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of your game to your new device. Please thoroughly review this post.

    We highly recommend that you hold onto your old device until your game(s) has been successfully transferred to the new device. If you have already gotten rid of your device, please review THIS LINK before submitting a support request.


    How to Transfer your Kingdom Age Game

    Prior to beginning the transfer process make sure to note down your account details somewhere safe (please do not share with other user). This includes your level, invite code, in-app purchase history, and Syndicate information (if you are part of one).

    On the old iOS device:

    1. Before opening the game, sign into your Game Center account. You will be prompted to do this later in the process if not done initially.
    2. Launch the game on your original device. Go to the in-game Menu > More > Manage Accounts.
    3. You will be given you two options: “Link iOS Device” and “Link Different Device”. Select “Link iOS Device”.

    On the new iOS device:

    1. Before launching the game on your new device, make sure that the device is logged into the same Game Center profile as your original device.
    2. Load Crime City on the new device and complete the initial tutorial.
    3. After completing the tutorial, use steps 2 & 3 above to link the new account to your Game Center account. You need the account currently on the device to be linked to Game Center to begin the transfer process.
    3. Now go to the in-game Menu > More > Manage Accounts. You should see two buttons; “Select Accounts” and “Link Different Device”. Select “Select Accounts” to get the Account Selection popup.
    4. You should now see all accounts linked to your Game Center profile. Select the account you want to transfer to this device.
    5. After selecting the account, you will be prompted to restart the game. Close the game completely and reopen it. You should now have the selected account on your device!

    For an article regarding how to do this please click here


    If you experience any issues, please be sure to let us know immediately.
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