LODragons are recruiting!

A little about us:
We are a Reservoir Family guild.
We are members of the RiP alliance.
We are intersted in helping players grow.

LODragons consistently places t750, and oftentimes lands t500. Our group is small. As we grow, our rank will get better and better.
Res family almost always has a guild or two within t100, sometimes t50.
LOD leaders have experience in playing, and leading pushes. Res as a whole has experiance with many pushes, including several t3.
Pushes can also be offered within the RiP alliance. These are for trusted players who can bring the required gems, and meet score minimums.

What we want from you:
We will take players from all time zones and locations.
We will take hard working players who are level 50 or higher and have the will to work and get better.
We will take players who have 3 or more epics (epic boss armors included)

For questions and applications, please contact us on LINE: