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Thread: War health regen

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    War health regen

    Wouldn't gree make more money if they gave the lower tiers health regen bonus rather then to the top teams. With the gold sup spend I don't think they need the regen bonus as they use gold to quick refill.
    If us lower tiers had more hits per war and we faced a gold spending team, they would be more likely to spend more gold to win.

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    Not so much. Spenders gonna spend, non-spenders not so much. Certainly not just because they ran into a tough crew.

    It's the "just a little" mentality that gets them spending. A tight match? "Well, I'll just buy a little to beat them." One thing GREE never learned is that 100,000 people spending $10 is better than 500 people spending $1,000. Even if you had 1,000 people spending $1,000, while the dollars are equal, it's far more sustainable to hold on to the smaller spenders.
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