I am posting this thread due to a thread posted in the General Discussion forum. I hadn't realized, or better yet, hadn't ever thought of the fact of jumping from faction to faction to help out with missions and what not. A poster in the General Discussion's had mentioned donating in-game money to a new faction to help out and get them going on bonuses...

I have a small faction that I started to have some fun with my kids. There are 7 of us in the faction, all low level (under 30). We would certainly appreciate any help that anyone is willing to give whether it be donating money or bricks to the faction vault.

Our faction is open and anyone can jump in, donate, and jump out - we sincerely appreciate anything you can do to help us out!!

Death Dealers Inc.
Faction Code - 303 819 055

Thank you very much..

Sgt Rock, USMC