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Thread: New LE unit set question

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    Quote Originally Posted by HellRaizer View Post
    Bet next month it'll be a triple strike unit...

    Month after a new quadruple strike unit will come out.

    Just curious.. But if you have 100% triple and 100% double, what will happen.. Does triple trump double?

    Imagine if double trumped triple and now you can never get triple.......
    I think it was said that it checks for triple strike after a double strike happened so I guess if you get 100% DS and TS, then you'll only get TS.
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    Just realised when you click on the unit its x2 so they didint spended 3100$... Only 1550$ lol

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    Its only x2 the 1st time you buy it

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    No official reaction from Gree yet.
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