Can Do Brigade is now recruiting! We started out as a few guys from a T25 faction with minis, but after going undefeated this WD and placing around 650 with only 19 accounts and no night crew, we have decided to expand. Although we are a small faction at the moment the team is stacked with experienced players. The faction is completely maxed, so there are no donation requirements unless new faction bonuses get released. Our DL has 4T def. it's a laid back team, but you MUST be active! We will not keep any inactive players here. All that is asked is that you pull your weight. We are accepting players of all levels for the most part, but we really don't want any whales LOL. We have many open spots and are looking for players from all time zones. One weakness we have right now is that we have no "night crew", so we are looking hard for players from Europe, Australia, Asia, etc...but are taking players from ALL time zones! We use Groupme for communication, and it is required. If you'd like to be a part of our team, pop into our recruiting room and introduce yourself for an interview!