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Thread: Do you want to be the next volunteer mod? Say so here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piano30AL View Post
    It worked for me.
    Yeah, Piano... That IS the problem. It looks as if you are sending a report, but nobody gets the report for some weird reason.

    I went rounds with Clementine and Relic in PMs about it, but they could never figure out why they were not getting the reports. Relic thought one of the player moderators were deleting the reports before they could see them, but we tested it several times... no reports and no fix. Or, Clementine & Relic were just BS'ing me, which is possible, too, but I doubt it because Relic didn't want forum members thinking their reports were being ignored by them.

    They added some forum mod tools which could have disabled it or caused a conflict. I have no idea, just guessing. I've asked ToyMaker a few times to fix it... still no fix.

    It is a convenient feature, and they included it when they updated the Forum CoC. It either needs to be fixed or omitted from the CoC until it is working.

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