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    I'm back...

    So after not playing the game except for daily rewards for 5-6 months, I was hoping the game would have improved drastically. All I have logged on and seen was everyone has a squad of maxed Epics, or UR, and the events are still the exact same. I asked around a bit and turns out there hasn't been a war for the 5+ months I've been gone. That's pathetic. I don't understand why anyone plays a game full of cheaters, hackers, glitchers, and spenders. GREE, please throw us a bone, something new we haven't even thought about yet, the constant new epics, and same exact missions, no more campaign, etc. The new daily missions were great when they came out, but they're the same thing every day, and that's obnoxious.

    So thanks for the warm, excited welcome back GREE, I give this game 2-3 months before it dies and no one ever touches it again. That's plenty of time to give us a war or two. So, please give us a couple.
    -- Kyxlittlecap team KY420

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    I presume GREE gave you roses? Or just monkeys poop?

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