Let's figure this out before the weekend


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Thread: Let's figure this out before the weekend

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    Let's figure this out before the weekend

    The epic boss event is coming up next. It runs until Saturday, August 8th according to the in-game calendar. It is a health-based event.

    World domination starts Friday, August 7th according to the in-game calendar. It is a health-based event.

    That is two health-based events running at the same time. Is this supposed to be? Can we get clarification on the ending time of the epic boss event please?
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    Yes, this happens regularly.
    I'm sure THE GREE will make the fairest decision for everyone.
    Let's support THE GREE.
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    SPEND it, if you got any left.

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    Ending stile should be 2pm PDT/GREEland time.
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    It wouldn't be the first time they overlapped.
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    Apologies for the confusion.

    Epic Boss ends 8/7/2015 @ 2pm PST

    World Domination starts 8/7/2015 @ 3pm PST

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