Guild trial quest is missing


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Thread: Guild trial quest is missing

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    Guild trial quest is missing

    What happened to the Guild Trial Quest?
    It has disappeared from the tabs. I tried closing out and hard rebooting, but the issue did not resolve.
    I checked with other players and guilds, and it appears to be wide spread.
    Sirius, please look into this.

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    Guild Trial Quest removed from Guild Quest Menu. Please fix as soon as possible. Trials very time consuming and cannot easily make up for lost time and trials. Trying to remain calm and happy, but very difficult this time.

    Thank you, in advance, for your prompt attention to this matter.

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    It's probably just a display error and won't effect guild trials... Hopefully!

    If you finish a trial and it's not counted, send in a ticket. Good luck.
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    Yes, thanks, good idea. Really can't stop trial progress due to time constraints.

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    The guild trials are back.

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