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Thread: Scratchers

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    Now that the scratchers have been removed for an "upgrade", (yeah, right) how hard would it be to just leave them gone? Send them over to the accomplices to open as they have nothing to do while waiting for their triumphant return.
    Now that there are less employees laying about the place, the time that would have been spent working on this piece of the game that very few, if anyone, finds of value, might be better spent fixing things that have been a problem for a very long time. I won't go through that long list, as those have been whined about incessantly for a very long time and everyone is aware of their existence.

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    hope item have arrows cuz now 95% of items have no arrows lol..

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    You should post more, fast
    Quote Originally Posted by murf View Post
    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...
    Still mad at Bostick.

    I'll be back when the moderation is reasonable. Enjoy the forum you created, Gree.

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