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    Better Chances to Open Single or 10 Chests for Epic?


    Hope any one can share light on this.. Im pretty sure no one really knows the Epic drop rate but has anyone had better odds getting one by opening single chests or opening 10 chests at once? Thanks in advance!

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    I have not heard anything definite one way or the other about this.

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    I have gotten 5 epics in all, and always from single chests at once. Also, when opening, I just press the button once and wait for the unit to drop, instead of touching the screen to speed up showing the unit. I don't know if this helps, but I've always had better luck when I allow the full graphic effect to play out. Maybe they like when you watch the 'show' instead of hurrying through it.

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    I see, thanks for your help!

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    I have the most success mixing it up. Open a few single then open 10 at once. Sometimes I get them in the singles and sometimes I get them in the 10. Just don't ever keep opening 10 at a time like 5 times in a row. If I get nothing but trash rares the first 10 then odds are the next 10 will also be trash. Learned my lesson a while ago when I burned through like 60 keys all at once and got 3-4 SR. Spread it out and play rounds in between opening chests as well.

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