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    Exclamation [ANNOUNCEMENT] New 120 Commander

    We have another formidable Commander on the way! Please allow the War of Nations team to introduce you to The Destroyer!

    The Destroyer’s name is no coincidence; he dishes out more damage than any other 120 Commander to date!

    Additional information:

    The Destroyer is only obtainable through single-player events: Global and Local Arms Races, Player Wars, and Lockbox.

    We’ll be launching The Destroyer during a Player Arms Race at midnight on July 19th, PDT.

    Many thanks to everyone for your continued support of War of Nations!

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    The turnover of the new commanders are simply too ridiculous. Even if one wins all the previous events featuring Omega, getting 32 for a pure is unachievable. Only way to get it is by paying coin for it.

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    Also, can we have more time in between the events? Starting the next one 2 hours after the current one ends is way too soon.

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    Is this another ridiculous 32 commanders to merge a perfect com?

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    Since they started with a build featuring the new lvl 120 comm,i'm guessing gree will follow up with a player bp event cum lockbox for the coiners.

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    This commander will be an absolute beast if people get enough Destroyers....

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