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The point of my post was to ask Gree for a resolution on my issue and I do not have one yet, so I would appreciate it if you keep the thread open until we actually get it fixed.

Response from Bolt, then locked all threads
Any further correspondence to find a resolution needs to remain between you and support, the forum does not factor into this equation at all. As you can clearly see with bam bam's post above, this kind of thread is a spectacle and a distraction. Please do not open more threads on the subject.

GREE, please explain to the community why this must be kept secret from the community! All players deserve to know how these issues are resolved! Stop treating your players like meaningless subjects under your control! This is not 1939 Germany here! If players felt like they were going to get treated fairly, perhaps you would boost your revenues once again! Your company constantly releases flawed events, knowing they are flawed prior to the release, then use the same boiler plate apology responses every cycle! Never letting anyone know what your plans are to fix them. Or when they will be fixed! Start taking responsibility for your actions, and lack there of! Those players that spend their money on this game certainly deserve way better than what you give them! Even though you know they simply can't help themselves.

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