Remember these lovely duplicate prizes that were handed out during the 7 day war and in previous wars? Well.. they're back!! Great, absolutely wonderful. This past SA every indi prize I received was in fact a duplicate of the SA before it. So I went through the liberty of going through my inventory and seeing how many duplicates I have. This isn't the final number, but I saw a whooping 22 duplicate prizes! These 22 prizes, if you don't know, have a modifier on them but don't actually give me the modifier because I have the same exact item and modifier, and these duplicate items have mods that "don't stack".

Here's an example of a prize that has a modifier that stacks and shows up in my bonuses:

See how I have 7 2% mod items and it shows up in my bonuses as 14% like it should be? Well take a look at this..

My second Assault DSP Sniper doesn't count. That's a 9% mod I'm missing right there.

Have a another example:

I have three of these Assault Kage Gi's! And only one of them counted.

Out of the 22 duplicate items that I have seen in my inventory, I am missing a total of 61% in mods. That's just insane, and I'm sure I have plenty more.

There is no good excuse anyone at GREE can ever make that can explain why they offer duplicate prizes if the mods that we spend gold for do not count, and all I'm asking is that someone please look into this.