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    Smile War of Nations Feedback (7/14/15)

    Hello Commanders!

    This thread is for you to post your valuable feedback on War of Nations. Every other Tuesday we will sticky a new feedback thread so you can conveniently post your opinions on the game. This thread will not only give you an easily accessible place to share your thoughts with us, but it will also consolidate your feedback making it more efficient for Community staff to gather and report to the Development Team.

    The intention of the thread is to collect the ongoing thoughts from our customers, it is not meant for discussion.

    When providing feedback, please keep it constructive, on-topic, non-inflammatory, and break it down into the following categories:

    In-Game Events
    Customer Support
    Community Support
    Game Stability & Issues

    Please note that this thread is not a substitution for reporting bugs and issues to Customer Support.

    Thank you,

    The GREE Community Team

    Due to the community stating they disliked weekly feedback threads, we have changed the schedule to every two weeks.

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    Please bring back the 21-23 mission LTMs that do not take an insane amount of build to complete. Previously it took at least 77m to complete. Now it takes 200m minimum to complete over 30 missions. That is unrealistic.

    Bring back the original LTMs please.

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    Looks like even the Community Manager is out of action. The weekly feedback thread is now officially in disuse.

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