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    At least they respond not like this worthless feedback thread that gets deleted and nothing is done with it.

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    For the effing nth time please fix the login issue!!!'ve been running this show for the last 3 years and it all seems you don't give a F about smooth gaming experience...MW works fine...other apps too. But going back to feedback, I would say you'd have to make your "games" friendly to people's real-life don't want them to devote their time to your games all day just to keep up with the competition...that may be the reason why a lot have retired...deliberately or not, you have made CC events boring as hell and I only do things for my syndicate (if I could log on and find we are at battle etc.)...lost my interest in personal goals since they are irrelevant.
    Face it, I'm hotter and colder than you. :-)

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