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Thread: Just for fun and couriousity

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    The Intoxicated Pigs, a top-100 team, finished the event
    Health Regeneration: -30% (7/7)
    Ground Attack: 35% (7/7) Ground Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Air Attack: 35% (7/7) Air Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Infantry Attack: 35% (7/7) Infantry Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Sea Attack: 35% (7/7) Sea Defense: 30% (7/7)
    Building Output: 35% (7/7) Building Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Guild +40 (20/20) Old Skool Pigs: 156958010

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paisthecoolest View Post
    The Intoxicated Pigs, a top-100 team, finished the event
    Never heard of them, but they must be good, you have all the factions' boosts maxed!!!!

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    Congrats to the intoxicated pigs!
    My team is a lowly top 400 most of the time, with only 36 members and we only made the goal the first 3 days.
    These events are surely not designed for teams like mine. Lol.

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    well I am very happy to report that my team EXCELLENCE did finish the event with 5 hours to spare(top 100). I am shocked and very impressed and pleased by the dedication of my top team members to go above and beyond in the final hours/days of event. KUDOS to my team for turning things around!!!!

    Congrats to the intoxicated pigs and all other teams that managed to pull it off... not sure what gree was smoking or drinking(or both) to create an 11 day eb but the teams that finished either busted butt or had some very dedicated players(addicts). I TG for my addicts lol. anyway congrats to all
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    Our team Elysium Delta Force finished the event as well.
    If you are not c, you have no rs...

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    you mean people actually killed bosses
    485046391 & 565411567

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    T50/75 finished this morning.
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    A little late but VFFTramps also finished. Usually finish in 50 range wd and 80 range fl.

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