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    How are you their biggest fan? All you (and reversal) do is complain over and over about the same things.
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    I was once a big fan, indeed, but am not anymore. Out of increasing frustration and anger, I have already suspended investing in the game months ago, also since considering the actions of Gree, I'm not even sure the game will still exist a few months from now. For sure, Gree can't handle turning things around here, they turn it even worse by the week. They have no idea whatsoever of CRM, of software testing, not to speak of reasonable longterm or modern management strategies. Their ignorance towards their customers is beyond everything I've ever witnessed in business. And look at the numerous bugs we have to deal with, despite the extreme amounts of money some people throw at this product. If you'd buy such a pricey, but faulty product at the store, you would certainly gave them a good ear rubbing! Once my armor has been turned useless, that's it with K&D. A pity really, the concept is so clever and there's so much they could do with the game, it was fun for a long time, but I'm not ready to deal with more than a certain amount of 'brown sauce' during my precious spare time. Looks like Reversal - who played it longer than me and seems to have an even longer breath - feels pretty similar about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangaroeland View Post
    How are you their biggest fan? All you (and reversal) do is complain over and over about the same things.
    And the person who self-proclaims himself as the "top dog" once again defends his master, brilliant. And I agree with what roookey1 had said.
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