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Thread: Modern War Feedback 6/02/2015

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    After Gree fixed the problems with latest update, now I cannot collect free gold. The videos play fine, just no gold

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    What a waste of time asking us for feedback Bolt, I'm sorry but since upper management is so incompetent no matter what we say doesn't seem to register.

    If you what to save the game let alone gree as a whole the idiot or idiots who think they are 'visionaries' and those brown nosing whoever the head fool is should be fired although I believe it is too late.

    Btw I worked for a company exactly like this, the CEO surrounded himself with yes men and brown nosers and refused to listen to sound reasoning. I suggested to my staff that they polish up their resumes because this was going down the toilet and left. A year later the company went bankrupt.

    This game and most if not all of the other titles lack focus, just a bunch of crap cobbled together that works marginally or not at all instead of having a good overall strategy. At this point the thing is so disjointed and out of control I doubt a major makeover can save it along with the fact that many longtime players no longer trust you.

    Playing for free is by far the best strategy since implosion seems imminent and therefore any financial investment would be foolish at this point.
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    I don't think even Bolt is listening anymore AO. We are already 3 days past having the feedback thread updated. Its just one more paper cut. We will be nearing a thousand soon enough.
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