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Thread: FL Prestige Faction 12/15: Gulf of Bothnia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt View Post
    The issue is tied to concurrency; it happens during peak times when a lot of data is being sent to the game server causing it to overload and not receive a small fraction of the data. It is a complex issue but it is being actively worked on.
    This is the third time in the last four frontline events that one of our goals has not counted. One time we were able to overcome gree's screwup. Two of the other times, including this last event, we missed out on 15/15. We got five gunners as an I'm sorry. Certainly we can all agree that something better needs to happen with this.
    Health Regeneration: -30% (7/7)
    Ground Attack: 35% (7/7) Ground Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Air Attack: 35% (7/7) Air Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Infantry Attack: 35% (7/7) Infantry Defense: 35% (7/7)
    Sea Attack: 35% (7/7) Sea Defense: 30% (7/7)
    Building Output: 35% (7/7) Building Defense: 35% (7/7)
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    They are not going to fix it when you guys are still spending gold to try for these goals 2 or 3 times, over the past several front lines! I'm sure gree is getting a good laugh at how long this idea is making money for them. Much like the people that run carnival games. Enticing you into just 3 more tries to win that elusive giant penguin!

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