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Thread: Kingdom Age Feedback (5/5/2015)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jnsolberg View Post
    Also, our Newsfeeds still say "Moments ago" for every Attack and Raid. There is no way to tell just how long ago an Attack was. This has been going on for @ 6 months or more now. When will this get fixed?
    This is a big issue for me. We have no idea that anything has been raided or when. I can't even count the number of times that I've found a boost building knocked down without any notification that it took place. Randomly checking my newsfeed does nothing as EVERY raid took place "Moments Ago". It worked before, why not now? Please fix this.
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    Funny is that it used to work ok for a long time. Then stopped. "Greason"...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konan-Barbarian View Post
    I find any of these games hard to play with large unformatted numbers. You seem to have money with commas (ex 150,162,992) in some places, but any player stats are unformatted and time consuming to parse out, examples 1286419017 or 11365895232, Which is larger ? Hard to tell without counting digits. It would be so much nice if my stats and opponents stats looked like 1,286,419,071 and 11,365,895,232. It is easier to easily recognize those and compared to mine instantly know if it is an attackable opponent or not.
    Why not display the stats like Modern War where one can clearly see like 560k or 25.5m etc?

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