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Thread: Modern War Feedback 5/5/2015

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    I was wondering what your programmers were up to, especially since there seems to be no feedback or progress on the issues we have highlighted. Then as part of your recent push, we see that you've had time to incorporate new ways of making money by offering a bundle of gold and units for frontline. Apologies if I can't be more diplomatic, but what is wrong with you guys? There are a number of serious issues and you respond by shoving more things we never asked for. Sure, you need to make a buck, but stop wasting our time asking for feedback, when your programmers are completely ignoring us and spending time either watching or coming up with new ways to get guys to spend more money.
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    I find any of these games hard to play with large unformatted numbers. You seem to have money with commas (ex 150,162,992) or 150 K for the upgrades and payouts, but any player stats are unformatted and time consuming to parse out, examples 1286419017 or 1365895232. It would be so much nice if my stats and opponents stats looked like 1,286,419,071 and 1,365,895,232. It is easier to easily recognize those and compared to mine instantly know if it is an attackable opponent or not.
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