Is War is Dying?


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Thread: Is War is Dying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sister morphine View Post
    Fight Club (comprising almost all the real big spenders) was put together with the sole purpose of beating Indian Nation when the syndicate wars began.
    You people just keep telling yourselves whatever it is that you need to. The actual "sole purpose" was to finish in the number one rank, regardless of who the rivals of the time might be.

    It is funny how you all say Indian Nation™ are irrelevant now, but here you are still talking about us. Other than SAS and TAW, who else gets that attention? HTC Blue once, when lots of forum regulars were members. Now it's another refuge for spenders either retired from or unable to get into the top two, who cares.
    1) One of your members, your leader even, is the one who brought up the subject of indian nation in this thread. People have a tendency to respond to comments posted with at least semi-relevant replies.
    2) Who else gets attention? Any syndicate that chooses to come to the forum and post about themselves. It's not always good attention, but that distinction is irrelevant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vile Lynn View Post
    I'm still surprised GREE allows DocBot since it is a 3rd party app and I thought using a 3rd party app to enhance the game violated GREE's ToS. *shrugs*

    lol, yeah Dipstik, #Smug4L!
    Third party app on a third party chat app. It's against the ToS to use a third party app to modify the actual game. Saying you can't use a third party app within another third party app is like saying you can't use 3-ply when you "you know what". None of Gree's business.
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