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This forum's atmosphere is a direct result of the game experience...

A game presented to players full of mistakes, glitches and direct exploitation will result in a forum full of bitter, complaining and unsatisfied customers.
Well, to each his/her own (as the CM, or whatever) sort of said before. For me it's the attitude of those moderating the Forum which has, to a large extent, messed with a good game.
"Play what we got and say ya loves it- I yam what I yam and dat's all I yam
And if you don't like it, leave it."---- to paraphrase one unknown (un)named moderator in a post a couple weeks ago when she/he stated "this isn't America so we don't buy the free speech rigamorole." ( well words to that effect.

Ban me or whatever for asking this and all you dream it might subversively imply, but if you were a business is that what you would essentially tell your customers to "keep (them) happy"?