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I read what you wrote and appreciate that you want to create an inviting environment for everyone. But clearly by the forum traffic your actions have accomplished quite the opposite of what you intended.

When I trained individuals in crisis management and conflict resolution in the workplace the predominant factor that dictated implementation of any solution strategy was impact on company goal and objectives.
Once a strategy was implemented real world testing required that we be flexible enough to course correct.

You seem to have made a decision on how to proceed and refuse to adjust even when faced with overwhelming evidence suggesting your methods are flawed.
We have taken the approach of less moderation before, and even recently. The thought behind doing this was that perhaps if we come down less harsh on folks, we will see them clean up their behavior naturally. We do not want to censor folks, as censorship leads to further unhappiness and frustration. However, less moderation did not work and we saw people spiral out of control. Posts filled with vitriol and hate. Long time members attacking new folks simply for having a difference of opinion. This is not ok. It is not ok in real life, and it is not ok here on the forums.

It is possible to express frustration and grievances, have fun, and even "smack talk" one another, without bullying individuals.