Hey there!

The guild "Aussies" is recruiting!

About us:
Level: 75 (Maxed)
Bonuses: Maxed
Alliance: 3D
Family: MajB

We currently have room for many new members interested in joining us!
As of right now, Aussies performs at T100 Raid standard (Rank 87 in Titan Raid) and T250 in Epic Wars (Rank 168 in War of the Forsaken).

Most people in the guild are Australian, but it is by no means a requirement to join, don't worry!

What does it take to join?
That's easy! As long as you are Level 100 or above and participate actively in Game & also LINE Chat, you are welcome at Aussies!

Our Event Minimums are as follows:
Raid - 3M points (Level 6 Raiders)
Epic War - 50 Attacks (in 3 Days!)
Blitz War - No requirement as long as it is midweek

If you are looking to join an active guild that has potential to reach the T100 for all events when filled, message us on LINE!
Slik - Slik79
Gilly - Gilly67
Phill - le-phill

For any Alliance related questions, mergers or to join the MajB family, message le-phill