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    Apr 2015
    What's that? You want HC? Boot kick by by.


    Just wondering if the monkey in the back room is stoned again cause he turn off the fragment button and won't turn it on again. Oh and your game didn't regen my health and was stuck for a day with no health. Can you patch this crapy bug please.

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    I've had the same problem before. And I've gone threw those heroic bosses so many times till I have no health at all on any of my knights and used all the friends I could and have only completed 1 crystal and 1 fragment. And when I say very chance I get I use it. I know I'm not the only one with this problem. By now people that do it the way I do we should at least be close.

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    Yeah my health didn't regen either. This went from brutally hard to completely impossible.

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    What's the answer to zero frags drop rate gree.

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    I did 6 runs and no shards...3 times LOL

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    Lol this is how they appreciate us during player appreciation month? Give us insanely bad drop rates, but its all better cuz theyre throwin more wings our way... smh

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