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    chance chest or tempest chest?

    I was wondering what would be MRE effective or give the higher chance of epics. Opening 11 tempest chests or going through the chance chest 2 times through? Anyone have n idea or recommendation?

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    In my opinion I would save for the 11 tempest chest yes it's a lot to save up for unless you buy gems but you do get a better chance for epics plus you would get fusion boosts. But that's just me.

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    I agree with colt. At least you're guaranteed to get something good
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    Honestly it doesn't really matter since u can open 40 chests and still get crap and when u open 1 chest u could get like some sick armor so it is the same as scratch tickets, u could win a crap amount of money or u could win the jackpot on it. The chests are really just a scam for GREE to make money, even if u promote the game to the point where u manage to entice over 10k ppl to join the game but IMO I would go for the Tempest Chests as Chance Chests are more likely to give you crap.
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    Tempest chests. Many seem to have more luck from there.
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