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Thread: And then there were three

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    And then there were three

    So as GREE games continue to take hit after hit, and lose players at a never before seen rate, so to are the player mod ranks. After only 5 months or so, their numbers have been halved. One it would seem was removed for becoming punch drunk with power, and two others are the victim of GREES ineptitude in managing their games, forcing them to quit playing all together. Unfortunately one of them, the best of the bunch mind you, was our own HellRaizer. Not only does that leave the entire community without a top notch mod, but we as players of MW no longer have someone that understands our specific issues and can respond appropriately.

    Do you, GREE, intend to replace these individuals? Or will you just let them fade away like you are with your games?

    What about you, in the community? Would you like to see them replaced, or would you prefer they just drift away, never to return?

    Regardless of the plans or thoughts on the future of this program, I would like to thank HellRaizer for the work he did in his time here, both before and during his time as a mod. He was able to perform a difficult and often thankless job better than anybody here to date. Good luck bro.

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    I too would like to thank Hellraizer who brought a class act to the forum and a load of knowledge. This is a huge loss.
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    Another sad day, as a person who understood the plight of the little tapperroos, like myself has decided to call it quits.
    Your fairness and sympathetic touch will be missed, HR.
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    Yes, thank you Hellraizer! Job well done! You certainly were the best & understood the game, too.
    I'm very sorry to hear you've won MW, but congrats!

    I am not in favor of volunteer player forum moderators fwiw.

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    One by one, the lifeboats are pulling away.
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