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Thread: Modern War Feedback (4/21/15)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerlion View Post
    Yep. Less than 40k accounts active, let alone real players.
    Well, at last check with about 24 hours left, I had 400 points and was ranked just about 43,000. Never got in closer to the end and didn't get anything in game after it ended telling me how I finished.

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    worse thing about both platforms I run droid AND IOS is LAG LAG LAG LAG LAG no matter what you do it lags open box lags. deploys lags, pull up rb lags.... if you don't fix this you should just change name of game to lags a lot

    to give you a basic idea twice now just simply loading game to do the box event. I click the icon it doesn't open so figure didn't read and tap a second time.. 35 seconds later it opens and instead of having chance to click an option the lag thing instead clicks the free no in game cash no gold option and I didn't even see it to click it but did hit the "area" twice trying to open event... I just glad it not the side the gold option is on.. seriously it has some nice feature but is NOT worth the frickin lag
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    Oh sure now you've done it. They will move the Gold button on that window so it is under the lag hit.
    Thanks a bunch GGN
    In Canada a Vault of Gold on Android is $100.00 and on iOS it is $140.00

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    Just curious, was the locking out of IOS devices running IOS 5 intentional or an undocumented feature?
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    Thank you for your feedback!

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