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    Specialist Global Domination comes to Android!

    After much demand, Global Domination has come to Android!

    Global Domination is an event that pits the alliances from your world against other alliances across all the other worlds in War of Nations.

    Fight your way to the top of the rankings by defeating other alliances using Power Attacks! But don't forget protect your own assets with the Energy Barriers.

    Be victorious over all Alliances and you will earn powerful rewards!

    A few notes about Global Domination:

    • Send units and commanders from your world to the Global Domination battlefield.
    • Any losses that occur on the Global Domination battlefield will not effect your units in your original world.
    • Use Overcharged Cells to create and upgrade Energy Barriers to protect your Alliance Bunker.
    • Attack your enemy using either a normal Attack or a Power Attack!
    • Choose up to 5 members to be the alliance’s Defense Leaders.
    • Go after the Enemy Bunker to score points without losing any units.
    • Be victorious over your enemies to earn War Points and become the best Alliance across all worlds!
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