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    Looking for a new active alliance.


    Lvl 168
    squad power: 137999 ( I realize its probably quite weak as it says i'm around 6,576 in rank with that...)

    I am active and push as much as I can to get as high as I can in each event.

    My current alliance has only 3 active people out of the whole group. Many haven't played for over 200 days.

    I don't spend much money as I'm a full time student. Maybe 10-20$ every few months.

    I would like to join an active alliance as I've been paying for market items on my own for the past 3 months.

    I'm willing to contribute and would like some people people to talk strategy and such with.

    If you think I might fit in your alliance hit me up.

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    EbolaOutBreakMonkey Alliance has Come far thanks to Great Members Joining
    Not Long ago we had but 3 Members myself included but we were a Strong bunch, and just the 3 of us Ranked in the 800s due to Tough and Persistent playing!
    Still the Original 3 we have 11 Dedicated Members now and Currently Ranked 379, always below 500 rank in Any Event. We are at level 12 due to Donations from Alliance members, They Believe in EbolaOutBreakMonkey! And I Know We Will Be Number ONE! Still Room (There's Always Room) For New Even More Dedicated Players So Join Up and Enjoy the spoils of League of War! We Always buy the Black Market Items to Help your Rise to the TOP! My Message of the day is "Welcome to all new Members" and NOT "You Must Donate!" like the other Alliances I've joined and Quit. Help us get to the top 10!, Join Today! Very social we will try and answer any questions using chat See You There!!
    Friend me while your at it..... Ebolamonkey
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