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    Global Domination Tips

    Hello there!

    As you may know, Global Domination was recently introduced on Android. Here are a few tips to help out the growing iOS and Android users:

    1. Strong comms are key. Get your commander upgrades up.

    2. Activate boosts. The game replicates all boosts and stats in XWorld, so make sure you get those satellites/ripsaws/shields on for some extra advantages over your opponents.

    3. Have a decent amount of UV, especially for defense leaders. People will be constantly hitting your def leaders, so make sure your def leaders have the UV to handle multiple attacks from multiple people. I suggest SR and MR for XWorld, like arachnids, centurions, hammerheads, hawks, rocket trucks and so on. A large amount of hellfires, titans, and rails are also good to keep in mind to become a good def leader.

    4. Find out what type of alliance you are. If you are more of a timid alliance, get those LTM missions completed to get great rewards (they're pretty sweet). This 'timid' section can divide into two parts: alliances that want to gain more points, and alliances that want to gain less points. If your alliance thinks it can handle a higher ranking, then you can gain more points to complete the 'gain x amount of points' mission faster than alliance that want to gain less points, but it could risk messing up the 'in a row' mission. Alliances that gain less points will aim for the minimal amount of points gained each battle to complete the 'in a row' mission faster and to achieve a minimal ranking.

    If you are an alliance that really wants to rank in the leaderboards, get your gold ready for refilling your energy to attack multiple times. You may also want to set your alarms .

    5. Communicate. Tell your alliance members what you are hitting ex. level of comms and UV. That way, weaker members can judge their strength and they can see if the higher opponents can be handled. Also, use communication to alert alliance members if the alliance needs to back off to save energy or push at the end.

    I think that is all! Enjoy XWorld! It's going to be a great time.
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    If there is anything more that I missed, comment below so I can update the thread.

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    Totally agree lolsies a sr/mr army is key for Global domination. Titans hawks hammers centurions are key in my opinion with a good mid range buffer of rocket trucks and arachnids, I never go into Global domination with a surplus of artillery I find 80-120m uv of sr/mr is essential, also unless there are mental coiners on android we are not gonna see def leaders with 800m-1bn uv

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    Agree with the above. I generally like to carry about 10k each of Titans and Hellfires into CWE. Hawks are also very important.

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    "get your gold ready" is a little discouraging... but thank you for the tips.

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    Last CWE on ios I ran into several people around 800mil - 1.2 billion UV. Does android have people like that?

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    We have a few that get up to 500m UV in Android but buildings don't upgrade so it is hard work.

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    Also, when you face an opponent that is obviously much stronger and they try to win with low points:
    1. Kill their barrier, they have no way of knowing if their own barrier is down.
    2. Last minute, have as many as possible hit their bunker
    3. Enjoy the free win

    The enemy not knowing if their own barrier is down is the key here. Take advantage of that huge design flaw while you can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy View Post
    Last CWE on ios I ran into several people around 800mil - 1.2 billion UV. Does android have people like that?
    800m+ ???? That ain't no thang not for my wimpy little 175m uv lol.


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    Commander leadership traits seem to apply to crossworlds. Lots of UV in units that exceed commanders' leadership = easy pickings.

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    What happened on last stronhold event? Game was searching opponent for really long time. Tho my team was 1st on last gd event but due to this problem we couldnt finish ltm. LSD W20 ROCKS��

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    Some great advise for Global Domination Event. A tactic that my alliance uses is to stay lower in rank and get through the LTD's as fast as possible, and then go for ranking after they are completed. Works well for us

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    One problem I have during GD is i loose all my personal and alliance boosts during some battles.. and loose a battle i should win easy

    I even recorded this and sent it to gree
    Still nothing

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    Same problem again today

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    Fair to say the Ltm's are no longer " sweet?"

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