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    Divine Warden...Love the design, seems truly different from anything currently in game, yet still feels like it fits the theme

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    Thank you to all who participated in the contest, and in voting. The turnout was amazing!

    Please Note: It is against the rules to vote multiple times. This includes clearing your cookies and re-voting. These duplicate votes WILL be removed (yes, we have ways of finding out). Continual cheating will be grounds to have your entry disqualified and you will be prohibited from participating in future contests.

    And without further ado....

    The votes have been tallied! Our winning armor for our second (but not last) Design a Dragonforged Armor Contest is:

    Obsidian Forged Drakemail by Eddie/BTH Seph

    Elements - duo - Fire/Earth

    Weapon - *Dragonglass blade
    - Dragon Skull Hilt - throat fire crystal coats the blade in dragons flame

    Armor - Plated obsidian
    - a drake wing to nullify flame/heat
    - small drake skull and teeth belt

    Shield - obsidian plates combined with drake teeth and wing strips

    *the glass forged by dragons fire (obsidian) is forged with such heat that it becomes more dense then tempered steel whilst retaining a light weight prospect, providing protection from heat and razor sharp edges in weaponry. dragon scales used to bind the armors grant a natural defense against any enemy from above gaining the earthen element


    Again, thank you to all who participated. Prizes will be distributed by April 30th!

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