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Thread: Free Players (FP) Wants You !!

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    Free Players (FP) Wants You !!

    Free Players are look to recruit new member to help us all climb the ranking.

    Finished in the just recent event in the top 700 �� and have 25+ spaces ready for the taking.

    We have 138 bonuses and working toward more.
    Our join code is 308-295-461.

    If you are interested come play with us . Our donation are 3x your iph daily, and on Tuesday we have fat Tuesday, this is where we donate all our income and robberies for the day and this is how we get our bonuses.

    We also require you to have group me, so come and join us.

    See you all soon ��

    New bonus added ��
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    What's clime? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpvision View Post
    What's clime? Lol
    They wanted to post 'climb', so I edited it for them.

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    Your name is free players but you use some gold �� change the name to gold players y dont ya...

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    Bump to the top

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    Bump to the top

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    New bonuses added, so back to the top we go

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    Now at 145 bonus and have space's available for new players wanting to grow ����

    No minimum stat requirement

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    Bump.... Even more bonuses added

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